Constructed Ecosystems


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Constructed Ecosystems takes a closer look at the devices used by Ken Yeang in his endeavors to take his theoretical work on ecoarchitecture into the real world of building. The fundamental, underlying premise is that if ecoarchitecture projects are to fully embrace the natural world they must be designed to be “living constructed ecosystems” and not inert denatured structures. Yeang holds that green design today is still very much in its adolescence, requiring significant developmental work, particularly in architectural biointegration and aesthetic development. By looking at the various invented devices that Yeang has adopted to technically advance abstract and theoretical ecoarchitecture through the use of concept architectural design, micro-devices, and building sub-systems, Constructed Ecosystems seeks to achieve a better biointegration of human built environment with nature.


8.5" x 10" (Portrait)




Limp bound

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Spring 2016



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