Lunch 14


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SpecificationsISBN: 978-1-951541-16-3 Binding: Soft Bound Pages: 236pp Publication Date: Fall 2020 Rights World: Available Size: 7″ x 10″ Portrait

The latest edition of the University of Virginia’s design journal, LUNCH 14 turns a critical eye to the myth of the frontier and wonders what relevance remains for the field of design beyond the nostalgia and embedded power dynamics. Within the journal, this task is divided into four sections: Edges explores the form of the frontier, unravelling the linear border condition and investigating the spatial possibilities for intervention and interaction along its boundaries. Wilds flips the narrative around, picking apart established categorizations of wild and tame to deny their separateness. Metrics examines the reciprocal nature between our conception of the frontier and the tools we use to observe and quantify it. Finally, Culture takes on the “us” and “them” of the frontier, shifting our perception of this as a binary divide to a growing rhizomatic network of beings: where the meeting of cultures does not mean appropriation, erasure, and dominance but a hope for generative complexity.




Soft Bound



Publication date

Fall 2020

Rights world


7" x 10" Portrait