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The Type V City

Codifying Urban Material Inequity


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SpecificationsISBN: 978-1-940743-72-1 Pages: 120pp Publication Date: Spring 2020 Rights World: Available Size: 9” x 11.75” Portrait Binding: Soft Bound

Available Spring 2020

Early American city builders developed material regulations that define where and when specific building materials can be used based on a singular urban risk, conflagration. Over the next century, building codes translated fire protection goals into rules addressing vulnerabilities at the building scale—including occupancy, building height, and property line proximity—to define the range of allowable building materials in specific locations. The resulting “Construction Types” produced a product-scale material performance mentality and gave rise to urban neighborhoods characterized by a dominant building material with correlating delineations of socioeconomic vulnerability. Encoded in these material choices and the patterns they establish, one can find a direct link between building codes, construction materials, financial policy, and overall quality of life, marking an essential arena for social and economic debate in the built environment.





Publication date

Spring 2020

Rights world


9” x 11.75” Portrait


Soft Bound